Temporary structures in the agricultural sector: options and benefits

21 September 2023

Did you know that Donselaar Structures’ temporary structures are also highly suitable for the agricultural sector? Located in a region with many farmers and livestock breeders, we consider it essential to provide this sector with flexible, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to support their businesses. In this blog, we would like to share with you what our temporary structures, such as canopies, tent halls, and flex halls, can offer to the agricultural sector.

Canopies for crops

One of the most common applications of our temporary structures in the agricultural sector is the protection of crops. Canopies offer numerous advantages for farmers. They shield crops from extreme weather conditions, such as hail, rain, and intense sunlight, thereby maximizing yields. You can also protect your feed and machinery by covering them with a canopy. Our canopies are easy to install and can be customized to meet your specific storage needs. They are also easily movable, providing flexibility for crop rotation or adjustments to your agricultural plot. Check out our T1 canopy here to learn more about its specifications.

Aluminum halls for storage

Storage is a crucial aspect of agriculture. Whether you need space for storing machinery, harvest products, or livestock feed, our aluminum halls provide the perfect solution. These temporary structures are strong, durable, and quick to install. One of the major benefits of the aluminum hall is its adaptability. Additional options such as lighting, roller doors, and windows can be added to meet your specific requirements. Moreover, they are easy to expand, allowing your storage space to grow with your business.

Flex halls for diverse applications

Our flex hall is the most versatile hall we offer. This hall closely resembles a permanent structure and can be used for a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector. Whether it’s storing harvests, organizing events on your farm, or creating a temporary workspace or storage area, the flex hall provides the space and flexibility you need. For example, you can easily create a caravan storage area with our flex hall, allowing people to store their caravans on your property and generating additional income. Alternatively, you can set up part of the flex hall as an office and part as a workspace. Thanks to the numerous additional options available, the flex hall can easily adapt to changing needs. Additionally, it does not require a foundation, and the permit application process is faster than for permanent construction. Learn more about our T5 Semi-Permanent Flex Hall here!

Cost savings and sustainability

One of the key benefits of using temporary structures in the agricultural sector is cost savings. Compared to constructing permanent buildings, our structures are much more cost-effective. They require less material and labor and can be erected with a less complicated building permit, resulting in further cost savings. Additionally, our temporary structures are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions effortlessly and last for many years. This not only reduces the need for frequent replacements but also minimizes the ecological impact of your business.

Seasonal and flexible

Another advantage of temporary structures is their ability to be used seasonally. Agricultural activities change throughout the year and may require short-term flexibility. Therefore, our structures have the ability to quickly adapt to these changes. Whether it’s protecting crops in the spring, storing harvests in the fall, or providing shade in the summer, our temporary structures can adjust to your schedule. Explore all our products here and find out which of our structures best suits your business.

At Donselaar Structures, we are ready to tackle the unique challenges that farmers face. Contact us today to discover how Donselaar Structures can help improve and grow your agricultural business. We look forward to collaborating on your success.

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