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Donselaar Structures stands for fast, affordable and safe solutions. When you don’t want to miss out on business, a temporary storage tent or workspace is the ideal solution. You don’t have the inconvenience of building a new site or renting space somewhere else. Whether you’re expanding your business, are dealing with a shortage of capacity or urgently need additional space: we offer the service you would expect from us as a business. Donselaar Structures offers four standard storage and workspace tents that can be implemented quickly and at economical prices. Our tents are available both for rent and for sale, and we also have options for leasing a tent.
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T1 Roofed

Always load, unload, and carry out warehousing activities under a dry roof with our T1.

With its side height of 4.5 meters, trucks and trailers can easily fit through the T1 door.

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T2 Non-insulated

Do you want to store goods that are not temperature sensitive or want to work out of the wind and rain? Choose the T2.

Its sturdy roof and robust, secure side panels provide protection from the weather.

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T3 Partly insulated

The T3 is ideal for expanding sales areas or protecting goods and machines.

This tent hall can easily be sealed off with its sandwich side panels.

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T4 Fully insulated

With the T4, condensation water is no longer an issue, making it perfect as a temporary office space.

The fully insulated T4 is also suitable for storing temperature-sensitive goods.

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T5 Flexhal semi-vast

De uitstraling van een permanente hal en flexibiliteit van een tenthal. Dat is de T5.

Door het tijdelijke karakter is de doorlooptijd van een vergunning veel sneller en makkelijker te regelen.

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Quality and efficiency

What are you looking for? We will ensure that your temporary storage or workplace tent meets your every need. From small to large and from short-term to long-term accommodation, everything is tailored to your wishes. We provide fast and effective delivery. The entire process is manufactured and carried out in-house. That way, you are assured that you can get back to business in no time. All this thanks to our experienced and motivated in-house team. Are you interested in a fast and efficient solution? Request a quoteWould you prefer to learn more about renting or purchasing an alu hall first? No problem.

  • High-quality, safe tents
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Ultrafast delivery
  • Full in-house expertise
  • Taking care of your needs from start to finish