T4 Fully insulated

No problems with condensation, therefore ideal as a showroom, office or shop.

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10 - 30 meter
Unlimited extension by 5 meter
Side height
2,3 meter | 3 meter | 4,5 meter
T4 Volledig Geisoleerde Tent

Ideal as a temporary office or for storing temperature-sensitive goods

The T4 fully insulated tent hall is widely used as a temporary office or for storage of highly temperature-sensitive goods. This tent hall comes standard with double roof tarpaulins and a compressor to fully insulate the tent. The roof tarpaulins are inflated with air, which forms the roof insulation.

Thanks to the full insulation, this tent does not suffer from condensation on the inside. This allows products and materials to be protected from all outside influences. At the same time, it is also a comfortable working environment.

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20,000 m² tent halls in stock

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Purchase, rental or lease

Rent a tent hall for up to 15 years. Purchasing or leasing options are also available.

We arrange assembly and breakdown

Our tent construction team will construct your tent hall in no time at the location of your choice.

SCC (VCA)* and ISO-9001 certified

Our qualified staff works safely with clear-cut working processes.

Fast permits

Because of the temporary nature of the tent hall, a permit can be arranged in no time.

Safety & quality

We prioritize the enjoyment of our staff in their work while maintaining a strong focus on safety. Ensuring a secure work environment is a foundational principle for us, integrated into our business policy, workspaces, and operations.

Tent books in accordance with the Dutch NEN 8020-41 standard

Our tents meet all European fire safety and safety standards and are approved according to DIN 4102B1 standards. The tents are provided with a tent book, in compliance with Dutch NEN 8020-41 safety standards, containing all structural calculations and technical information.


Our assembly team is SCC-certified and takes every required safety precaution with high-quality safety materials. Moreover, we invest in training and courses so that we can guarantee both our and your safety.

Veiligheid Kwaliteit DS

Proven success of a tent hall

”We needed a storage tent very urgently to accommodate an extra production run. I was very pleased with the way I was treated by Donselaar Structures and I was surprised by the very fast delivery and installation. Top!”

Dennis Spierings – Knauf

“Donselaar has supplied a shelter where 5 trucks can stand in the shade. This was done in a great collaboration and in a nice way. Short lines of communication, friendly people, nothing to complain about.”


Wyno Harmelink – Ekro

”We have achieved what we had in mind in a short period of time and that is only possible if the cooperation runs smoothly!”

Arie van den Broek – Van Ginkel Trucks

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Specifications T4 Fully insulated

All our tents are equipped with PVC tarpaulin: European UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to DIN 4102-B1, M2, BS 5438/7837; USA NFPA701. Our aluminium features the high quality grade 6082T6 and is European anodised. Sandwich panels 40mm thick, standard fire class B2-S2-D0, insulation value of Rc = 1.80 m².k/W. The steelwork used is welded to the NEN-1090 standard.

Width:10 - 30 meter
Length:Can be extended indefinitely in 5-meter segments
Side height:2.3 meter | 3 meter | 4.5 meter
Aluminum quality:Quality class 6082T6
Thickness of sandwich panels:Measuring 40 mm thick, standard B2-S2-D0 fire classification, insulation value Rc = 1.80 m².k/W.
Roof cladding:Double-layered translucent PVC tarpaulin 600g/m²
UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to European standards, filled with a 10-cm air insulation layer (delivery includes compressor)
Includes:Base supports and drive pins
Options: Lighting
Collision protection measures
Ballast blocks as an alternative anchoring method
Climate control
Flooring systems
Sliding doors and/or roller shutters
Maximum wind load:80 km/h

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