About us

We are Donselaar. We help entrepreneurs and businesses with quick, affordable, and safe solutions so they can continue to seamlessly conduct business without the inconvenience of building new or temporary accommodations. From business expansion to the replacement of a burnt-down building and from a shortage of capacity to generating extra space resulting from government regulations, we have covered a lot of ground over the years. Our communications are honest, open, and transparent from the very first contact. Together, we work with our clients to find the right solution.

About Donselaar

For over 10 years, we have been active in the world of temporary structures with readily available and accessible solutions, fast delivery, and excellent quality. We not only have many different tents in stock, but we control the entire supply chain. From the first drawings and sketches to on-site assembly, we have the in-house expertise, experience and staff to make it happen. This allows us to work together with the client on solutions, adapt quickly to changing circumstances and deliver solutions at economical prices.

Tent within 24 hours

Have you decided to opt for one of our four standard tents?  We can assemble the tent structure on-site within 24 hours after approval of the quote.  Are you looking for more bespoke work in terms of size, window placement and other options?  This will take longer, but we will ensure that you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Sustainable solutions
As a business, our focus lies on sustainability. Our business property is equipped with 900(!) solar panels and 2 heat pumps, and we use electric fork-lift trucks. Our halls are exclusively built according to the most sustainable specifications, both in terms of lifespan and recyclability.

Download our handy brochure

Download our handy brochure

Jeroen Hagen
Production worker
Jasper Berkhof
Production employee
Jip Beuman
Marien van Ginkel
Work preparation
Daniëlle van Tintelen
Marketing en Communicatie / Vormgeving
Koen Lancee
Sandra van Ramshorst
Financial administration
Sadé Randewijk
Creditors Administration
Wesley ter Burg
Eric Britstra
Draftsman & Constructor
Roy Huisman
Erik van Donselaar
Remco van Ginkel