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T2 Non-insulated


From roofing a construction site to protecting temporary assembly lines: our T2 is a versatile structure. It is a semi-permanent tent hall made from heavy-duty aluminium that can be implemented for both short-term and long-term projects.

Are you looking to store goods that are not temperature-sensitive? Then the T2 is the right choice for you. Our T2 is often used as a temporary warehouse or workspace. Its sturdy roof and robust side panels provide protection from the weather.

  • Width: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 30 and 40 metres.
  • Length: can be extended indefinitely in 5-metre segments
  • Side height: 1 to 6 metres (variable)
  • Delivery includes tent book with specifications, fire certification, technical drawings, and structural calculations
  • Download T2 Specifications sheet (Non-insulated)
Opslagtent huren - volledig geisoleerd


All our tents are made from PVC tarpaulin: UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to the following European standards: DIN 4102-B1M2BS 5438/7837USA NFPA701. Our European anodised quality aluminium is classified as 6082T6. We use sandwich panels with a thickness of 40 mm, standard B2–S2–D0 fire classification, insulation value Rc = 1.80 m2.k/W. The steelwork is fabricated according to the NEN-1090 standard.

Roof cladding

  • Opaque PVC tarpaulin 750 g/m2
    UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to European standards

Side cladding

  • Translucent PVC tarpaulin 600 g/m2
    UV-resistant and fire-retardant according to European standards


  • 6082T6 classification
    European anodised aluminium


  • Base supports and drive pins


  • Lighting
  • Collision protection measures
  • Ballast blocks as alternative anchoring method
  • Climate control
  • Flooring systems
  • Sliding doors and/or roller shutters

Maximum wind load

Safety and quality

We believe it’s essential that our staff take pleasure in doing their work, and safety plays a large role. Ensuring a safe work environment is therefore always one of our fundamental principles: in our business policy, our work environment and in our operations.

Tent books following Dutch NEN 8020-41 safety and fire safety standards
Our tents meet all European fire safety and safety standards and are approved according to DIN 4102B1 standards. The tents also come with a tent book from Tentech (per Dutch NEN 8020-41 safety and fire safety standards) containing all the tent specifications, including all structural calculations and technical information.

Our assembly team is SCC-certified and takes every required safety precaution with high-quality safety materials. Moreover, we invest in training and courses so that we can guarantee both our and your safety.

  • Tent books following Dutch NEN 8020-41 safety and fire safety standards
  • Technical drawing
  • Fire certificate
  • Structural calculations

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