Bunnik (NL)
23,5x82,5x6 & 20x40x6

Two Flexhalls for the storage of returnable bottles and crates

For Vrumona, we installed two Flexhalls where they store their returnable bottles and crates. They opted for two halls with a side height of 6 meters. That’s a unique feature of the Flexhall.

The front hall is a staggering 82.5 meters long and 23.5 meters wide. The second hall is 20 meters wide and 40 meters long. In total, it took three weeks to set everything up.

Vrumona was looking for a solution to expand storage in a sustainable way. Before this Flexhall, Vrumona had an additional storage 40 kilometers from Bunnik, to which returnable bottles and crates were transported daily. That had to be more sustainable! After some research, they turned to Donselaar Structures.

Our account managers recommended the Flexhall to Vrumona. The hall has the appearance of a permanent warehouse, but the flexibility of an alu-hall. And it was fully constructed within three weeks.

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Een semipermanente flexhal:

  • Kun je vanaf een periode van 3 jaar huren
  • Heeft een snelle doorlooptijd voor een vergunning
  • Kan opgebouwd worden zonder fundering
  • Is te plaatsen op bijna elke ondergrond
  • Heeft de uitstraling van een permanent bedrijfspand